Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A cold rain scuttled business, the fourth straight day of disappointing returns. The next four days better be exhausting ones . . . Mark Stevens was on hand to help again today. He is thinking of driving home to Texas this weekend despite the raging snowstorms between here and there . . . Have been scanning those lists of influential people who passed away this year. Except for Elizabeth Taylor and a few others I haven't a clue as to who these "famous" people are. I don't know whether they had an influence on my life or not. On the other hand I can name a couple of people who have left us who were of considerable importance in my life; those I will continue to miss in 2012 . . . It has been rumored that a popular restaurant on North Street is in the process of buying the bar adjacent. The rumor which was just a whisper a few weeks ago has become a roar, so perhaps there is some validity to it all . . .

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