Thursday, December 8, 2011

The anticipated snow failed to materialize but the Bill Campbell pottery did. Some really beautiful pieces for you collectors . . . The midtown carolers are out on the streets as I write; I can hear their songs. They have a crisp evening for their stroll. Bob corrects me on yesterday's post. The carolers did their visits by phone a few years ago because of heavy rains, not cold as I had reported . . . Got our greens up around the door today but wondered where the shoppers were. It was very quiet in the store . . . I have to thank Joyce Reiner for her thoughtfulness. After reading yesterday's post she brought me a hang-on-the-wall gumball machine that was intended for her family room but never used. It was still in its original packaging and had never been opened. Unfortunately it was not what the kid had in mind but I certainly want to thank Joyce for thinking of us and offering the item for free . . .

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