Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy morning and evening with a breather in mid-afternoon. Thanks for coming out. This has really been a fun season for us . . . Fudge joins our list of "sold outs" . . . Cannot help but notice that you are not buying those decorative crystals for the dinner table as heavily as you did last year . . . What we assume to be our last shipment before Christmas has been inventoried and is now on the shelves. A neat painted brass magnifier in the shape of a peacock would look great and be useful on any desk ($22) . . . a small brass cat pin cushion ($14) and a decorative but playable wood and brass tic-tac-toe game . . . more brass "good luck" and "new house" crickets, now $13. The nickel-plated ones that looked like silver have been discontinued . . . Jigsaw puzzles, anyone? Those are moving slowly this year . . .

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