Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cold rain all day certainly scuttled any hope we may have had for an after-Christmas sale. Total income was $12. But we remain optimistic for the rest of the week; all seasonal merchandise will be marked down and you can make an offer on other items until our inventory is complete . . . Tried to get some help for my sinus headaches from my primary doctor but he refused assistance and suggested I see a nose and throat specialist. That seems extreme for a minor condition like I have; maybe I should find a new doctor altogether? . . . Thanks to friend Terry for the collection of fresh donuts . . . As you will notice above, we plan to be closed next Monday (another touch of retirement, perhaps!) . . . JJ gives his in-the-flesh Santa a squeeze for the Looney Tunes DVD, Barrel of Monkeys game and his I Spy book among a stack of other Christmas Eve surprises . . .

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