Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learned this morning that a major computer malfunction at Campbell Studios has delayed delivery of our new pots. We are now promised they will be in hand by Friday at the latest . . . The expected new barbershop at North and North Second appears to be open now . . . Neighbors called to inform me of several incidents in and near the parking lot in the 200 block of Briggs Street that required police and/or ambulance service. All occurred in the last ten days. Best to be very alert when traversing that area although, to be honest, the whole midtown area seems to be at risk these days . . . Today's rain might give way to snow overnight. I wonder if we might blame Betty Holmboe and her gang of carolers for the change. Seems like they always get bad weather for their Christmas caroling evening. Why just a few years ago it was so cold that they sat in Betty's living room and did their singing for selected neighbors by telephone! . . . the kid wants a gumball machine for his Christmas present. What I see on Amazon that appears worthwhile isn't cheap. (But the kid will undoubtedly get whatever it costs; he has his two godfathers buffaloed). Should any of you have had experience with these gadgets, please let us know. Otherwise I will simply have to go by the Amazon reviews . . .

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