Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crisp and mostly sunny but a lot less busy than expected. While Bob and I labored at ground level The Kid was high atop the Empire State Building. Cannot wait to hear what he thought of that experience . . . Happy first wedding anniversary to Joanne and Eric . . . Last night's party was spectacular. Our thanks to the hosts: Kevin and Kevin, Mary Ann and Rick, Jim and Keith and Mary and Lennie. The food and decorations were outstanding . . . A friend who must remain nameless suffered a tragedy yesterday. He had just finished decorating his huge tree when he decided it needed to be moved just a nudge; well, he nudged it, a leg on the stand snapped, and the whole thing collapsed across the floor. Our sympathies . . . We may have solved a two-year mystery involving our readership. I have often mentioned that we were Googled by people across Europe and Asia and I speculated that they weren't at all interested in The Bare Wall. Well, it appears I was probably right. In some circles the "tbw" apparently stands for TeenBoyWorld and will lead to what I assume to be a porno site or something close to it. A mention of this site popped up yesterday in my Google statistics . . .

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