Monday, December 12, 2011

Think I made personal history today--it appears I was censored by the Patriot-News. A story lamenting the loss of small business downtown appeared on Saturday in the newspaper (I didn't see it then) and was repeated on PennLive. I mentioned in the comments section that the paper might want to note that The Bare Wall was having its 40th Christmas season; I also pointed out (graciously) that the paper frequently forgets our gallery when discussing downtown venues. My comment was "up" for a while but then mysteriously disappeared. I filed a complaint with the editor and she did respond, saying that she could not explain its removal. Oh, well, it made for a cute story to amuse our clients today . . . We did not sell many tickets for the house tour this year so I was glad to hear that HHA sold more than 900. That translates into more than $14,000 for the organization and it can use it . . . I feel a bit sorry for our angels and Santas this season. No one wants to give them a home, it seems. (So I put the angels on sale!) Snowmen, on the other hand, are being adopted left and right . . .

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