Friday, December 30, 2011

We will be closing at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Happy New Year to all our readers. Please party safely . . . Our thanks to the writer who posted a favorable review of The Bare Wall on that TripAdvisor site . . . TheBurg January edition is now available here . . . Joel Turley called to say that he has been struggling with City Hall to have a burned out street light repaired on Prince Street which runs parallel to and between North Second and Green. (It was once Love Alley.) He has received no support from the Thompson administration and Joel is now rightfully furious because the block was the target of graffiti artists last night and numerous buildings were defaced. The complaints about street light black outs and the dangers darkness engenders just continue to mount. When will Thompson "see the light" do you think? . . . The one thing that makes me happy during the week between Christmas and New Years is a CD Bob found several years back. It features two holiday shows broadcast to our troops around the world in 1945 to welcome in the year. Many of the big artists of the day--Lena Horne, Harry James, Spike Jones, Benny Goodman, etc.--are heard in some songs they made famous. One would believe that the performances are originating from military bases all across America, but in reality it was a program put together in a studio from pre-recorded music. How many of you out there remember such popular tunes as "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet" ? . . .

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