Monday, December 26, 2011

Today may have been an example of what retirement is like. (I am all for it.) Slept a bit later than usual. Had drop-in visits from Dr. Bob Coldren and Janet Reed. Took my mile walk. (Am a little out of practice; it was very exhausting. but I found my Campbell's Tomato Soup on sale at Rite-Aid--five cans for three dollars.) Had a quick cat nap. Ordered the hoagies from Ciervo's for the family Christmas party on Wednesday. Bob and I went for a drive to see Christmas lights. Nibbled at leftovers and watched two football games. This is the life despite a sinus headache . . . Had two inquiries about the figurine featured in yesterday's post. It is not from the store but is owned by Bob; Larry Kirkhuff gave it to him as a joke a few years ago . . . And here he is, smiling and embracing his notorious gumball machine. If his face looks a bit distorted it is because he is chomping on some gum . . .

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