Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another busy day at The Bare Wall. We certainly are grateful for the business but it must be said that renewing acquaintances with so many is a delight. And I am happy that you approve of our enlarged and enhanced group of offerings this year . . . I apologize to you who missed out but I am happy to report that our supply of Christmas mints has been sold out . . . Three boxes of peanut butter fudge remain ($10) . . . Our thanks to Jeanette Krebs, an editor of the Patriot-News who was in touch several times today. She is trying to figure out why my post on PennLive was removed and where it is hiding out in cyberspace. I told her not to worry but to ask her writers to occasionally remember that The Bare Wall exists and that a mention now and then would be appreciated. She promised to do so . . . Each evening while Bob prepares dinner I relax with my Yule Log DVD, watching the flames and listening to the music. Remarkable how soothing that can be for me . . .

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