Friday, June 3, 2011

Warm days and cool nights. Very pleasant though Bob gets angry with me since I find the evenings chilly and need a jacket . . . A gray cat is on the loose in our neighborhood. It is well groomed and appears to have been a house pet. If you have lost one of the family, come visit in the area . . . Spent time this morning looking over our stock of things for the patio. Still have some neat decorative items, some sets of bamboo place mats (four mats, $15) and jar candles that are marked down . . . Heard that the turnout for ArtsFest was not as large as last year . . . Rumor has it that the mayor wants to move the Fourth of July celebration to Reservoir Park. This is just a rumor, folks. Please, no comments like we see on PennLive . . .

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