Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful day and very busy at the store. Thanks, all . . . Had some more TripAdvisor visitors yesterday, and where were they from? Bet you didn't guess Harrisburg! The girls, local residents, decided to spend the day exploring the city and neither had ever been here . . . Am told I missed the excitement of a third-floor kitchen fire last night; it was in the apartment building at North and Willow . . . This Friday will be Third in the Burg and the Harris Street Methodist Church will be holding its fellowship gathering at the same time; stop by for a free hot dog or hamburger and chat with some of the neighbors . . . The city has decided to cut its summer celebrations to two days from the usual three or four. I wonder how that will sit with the food vendors who pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a normal weekend I am told . . . and who at city hall screwed up and scheduled the biggest paid attraction at the jazz festival directly opposite the Harrisburg Symphony which will be playing on the island. The mayor gets the blame but she has surrounded herself with a bunch of incompetents . . .

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