Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot and getting hotter . . . Another homeless house cat has surfaced in the neighborhood. In addition to the gray mentioned earlier we now have a tabby. Both are obviously accustomed to being indoors . . . Faithful readers will remember my fascination with Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who just wanted a chance to go professional. Well, we all know she got it on Britain's Got Talent. Just got the latest copy of my bi-monthly Scottish magazine and learned she is now worth a modest thirteen million dollars . . . Got an eye-opening e-mail from Diane Neiper that reminded me that our American presidents come and go but that "Long Live the Queen" is a truism. The article was accompanied by pictures showing the Queen entertaining every one of our presidents since Harry Truman! . . . Work is underway on the new office building at Second and State but there is still time for local photographers to get some nice shots of St. Patrick's Cathedral facade . . .

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