Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organizers of the Art of the State exhibit believe the opening reception at the museum Saturday night might have been the largest ever in the history of this annual event. Admission was free as in the past, but the museum now charges a fee at other times—a recent addition that might have inspired people to come early this year. Sales of works on exhibit were also more than normal it was reported though the one for $21,000 is still available . . . David Griffith e-mailed me from the country to say that I might be disappointed in the twilight lightning bug display in the rural areas today; it is probably nothing like I remember, Dave suspects, thanks to the use of pesticides. He said that colonies were severely decimated back in the days when DDT was legal, and recovery has been slow. Suzi Marsico invited me for a twilight patio drink at her place overlooking the Susquehanna; she too enjoys the display but agrees that it is nothing like it used to be . . . I was sitting on the stoop this morning when the Google street mapping van drove down Green. Sure hope the camera was active; it would be nice to “tune in and see oneself” every now and again. Bryan and Jamie MacLeod said the van followed them from Erford Road and across Harvey Taylor bridge and into the city just a few minutes later; they too are hoping to have been caught on the Google candid camera. WE are hams, unlike the villagers in a small British hamlet who refused to let their place be “mapped” . . . Grammy sent this picture of Miss Cecilia enjoying the morning newspaper recently, but what caught my eye was the piece of salt-glaze pottery at her elbow that definitely came from The Bare Wall . . .

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