Sunday, June 5, 2011

Took several short naps, finished a book and went for a long walk . . . I don't know how the Midtown Cinema is faring business-wise these days, but the building certainly does look forlorn. I think it could be easily spruced up if someone weeded out last year's dead plants and put in some new ones. Would be quite an asset to the neighborhood and perhaps a lift to the business as well . . . But wait--doesn't the Friends of Midtown beautification committee hold its monthly meetings there? Maybe there is a worthwhile project right under their noses that they haven't noticed yet . . . My friend Jon joined the rest of us by undergoing surgery on Friday; his recovery period is one to two weeks. Seems our sidewalks are now littered with a lot of older men who are trying to combat the effects of hospital visits . . . Maybe we should form a club and perhaps our care-givers could do the same . . .

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