Thursday, June 16, 2011

The story goes like this: We are returning to our uptown home last night after work. I pause to chat with the neighbors while Bob goes on ahead. Suddenly we hear a scream and Bob comes running, package in hand. The post office has mis-delivered and Bob cannot stop laughing. The small carton was intended for the 1500 block and is addressed to Linda Thompson! Gallant Bob goes off to make the proper delivery and finds a relative who will see the parcel delivered. “You know, it is not easy being a black woman named Linda Thompson in this city these days,” she says . . . When we paused to consider we realized that the package just might have exploded; we all were lucky . . . Happy birthday to Norfolk Southern engineer George B. Miller Jr. of Harrisburg who just happens to have a similarly named friend living in Marysville . . . Summer definitely on the horizon—we enjoyed watching an advertising blimp circle over the city late yesterday afternoon . . . a cactus patch in bloom on North Second Street and with a bee for every flower, I’d swear . . .

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