Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our neighborhood ice cream man is Allan Johnson of New Cumberland who takes to the streets around 4:30 p.m. after his job at the Hilton. He is out pedaling his wares (literally) until 8:30 p.m. every evening weather permitting and offers ice cream novelties for $1 to $2. He might be found anywhere between midtown and Shipoke driving the cart that he picked up on EBay. We caught up with him on Green Street just as Dee Doud was making some purchases . . . Yesterday’s cornerstone picture was correctly identified by at least one reader (and misidentified by one, too, I might add). It is on the Salvation Army building at Green and Cumberland Streets . . . The kids are at the Mt. Gretna playground this afternoon for the program to raise funds for the park. Cecilia and JJ were pictured in the June Gretna newsletter article that promoted the event . . . If you are headed to New York and would like to know the weather situation, you can consult this camera on the Lower East side: You are looking up Asser Levy Place between East 23rd and East 25th. All the traffic on the right is on East River Drive. It is fun to check this site later in the evening just to see the buildings light up. Also, I might encourage you to Google the Asser Levy name and to read up on him. He was among the first settlers of the city, a Jewish butcher and philanthropist. Supposedly he was the first Jew to own a home in North America . . . (Hope this makes it to the blog; service today is absolutely terrible) . . .

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