Friday, June 10, 2011

Sure, a lot of people laugh at me or make a sour face but I truly like the original V-8 Juice. Well chilled, it is a delicious summer refresher. And by the way, can you name the eight juices that are combined in it? . . . Today’s TripAdvisor visitor was Angela from Vermont. She is spending some time at Ft. Indiantown Gap . . . Stopped for a quick chat with Lawrance Binda at the offices of TheBurg in the 1100 block of North Front Street. I elicited a groan when I said the company needed a sign bigger than the little one stuck in the front window. Seems there have been some on-going problems with the architectural review board that deals with such amenities and the company simply gave up on any outdoor sign for the moment . . . That brought back to mind my own encounter with city hall in 1972 before the review board even existed. I didn’t want to spoil the residential character of the street, so we had an “OPEN” sign made that sat on the stoop during business hours; it was brought inside at night and the street regained its residential nature . . . Some weeks after opening I received a visitor from the chieftains downtown and was told that the stoop is not part of my property—all stoops that jut onto the sidewalk belong to the city. And, THEREFORE, the city did not want my sign on its property. HOWEVER, under the zoning rules back then, it would be alright to erect a four-story thirty-two color flashing neon sign if I so desired; Just as long as it was four or so feet above the stoop . . . Quick visit with Lee Spitalny . . . Bob thought it would be nice if, on my walks, I would photograph bits of landmarks we might not generally notice and then offer them for identification on the blog; we might even make a game of it with discount coupons as prizes. But we changed our minds when we realized that a large part of our reading audience doesn’t actually roam the streets downtown or in midtown. However, here was the first photo I took in that now aborted attempt to entertain. Who knows where this is? . . .

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