Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bob and I enjoyed the Tony Awards program on Sunday night though we haven’t been to a New York show for years and years and no longer know many of the players. The Book of Mormon was the big winner this year, and like any other product in demand it promptly raised its ticket price by $13 on Monday morning according to Playbill . . . My neighbor informed me today that this blog has become b-o-r-i-n-g and needs more pizazz than pictures of JJ and Cecilia. So I went to his blog to see what kind of excitement he was generating and found out that he had stopped blogging altogether . . . Now that we have seen just possibly the worst that the GOP has to offer, I hope that my mainstream Republican friends will unite to put forward a serious challenge to the Obama team. They may not get my vote, but what now passes for the “loyal opposition” is downright embarrassing . . . Some of my weekly “jaunts for health” take me through Capitol Heights, and it is discouraging to note that this major development project became a victim of Bush’s economic depression. There are empty lots all prepared to receive buildings and even a few unfinished houses. Sadly, a few of the new properties are also posted for not having paid one assessment or another. A few are up for sale and I have to ask a question that applies to all similar properties across the city: If you are trying to sell, why don’t you remove the trash and weeds and try to spruce up the place a little. Even a few of the new places look derelict . . . If you flip back a week or so on this blog you will see the storm damage just a few doors from Bob’s house. The mess has now been cleared, but it will be a while before the fence and the balcony are repaired . . .

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