Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bob Coldren and Jack Barnett back after several weeks in Provincetown . . . Forgot to mention yesterday that once you have opened the New York City picture you can click on it and it will become full screen. Double click a second time to shrink it or push "escape" . . . Bloggers everywhere have been having the same problems for a month now; nice to know it is not my own stupidity that is causing the trouble. The snag has been traced to the new Internet Explorer that was updated just a few weeks ago. Hopefully someone in the know is addressing this problem . . . Have received a complaint from a loyal reader: we feature a lot of pictures of JJ and too few of Cecilia. Will have to ask their parents for more photos of her. She got a butterfly "tattoo" at the Mt Gretna festivities yesterday (JJ got a dragon) . . .

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