Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weird and lively early Saturday morning in the neighborhood. A young white man spent twenty minutes demanding entrance to a North Street home before the police arrived and arrested him. Was he inebriated or lost? . . . a gun was discharged into the air near the Presbyterian Apartments and the bullet entered an 18th floor apartment . . . around two or two-thirty a.m. six shots were squeezed off in Susquehanna Street between State and North. I asked a resident what he knew. "I wasn't stupid enough to stick my head out the door," was his answer . . . Two readers will be celebrating birthdays on Tuesday--Mary Ann Furedi-May and Peter Bower . . . I Googled JJ's name just for a lark today and of course got this blog as a reference a couple of times. But the surprise was from the Camp Hill School District which named JJ as one of ten in the Kindergarten Class who displayed their "Lion Pride." I will have to ask him what that means and what he had to do to get such recognition . . .

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