Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rain all day, a perfect time for paperwork and I got a lot of it done . . . Thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for an e-mail yesterday; unfortunately, you didn't have much news to report either . . . Bob corrected me when I said we didn't sell anything from the outdoor sale table. He actually sold seven VHS tapes that I was unaware of. Worked with the movie ledger this afternoon and apparently we still have a little less than 300 movies remaining. But some of them were real blockbusters and I am surprised they are still here . . . The word according to a TV report is that Dodge City Restaurant is for sale for about one million. We won't be buying, but we will be using up our gift certificates. Apparently that little TV make-over did not have a lasting effect. We haven't gone because of the change in menu that removed all of my favorites . . . Some members of a rock band called Megadeath are endorsing Santorum for president. Not sure I would want that on my resume . . . When the new cookie cutters arrived an acorn was sent mistakenly instead of the rubber ducky. Well, the ducky is now in stock and would also be a nice shape for Easter . . . Our friend Dan Browning is getting his ducks in a row because he faces major and serious surgery next week. I know what he is going through with preparations. But, like me with Bob, he has a wonderful care giver standing by in the person of Judy Robinson. We wish them both well . . .

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