Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! . . . Today's story on the Uptown muggings in the Pat-News generated some concern for me and my morning/evening jaunts in the neighborhood. Thanks for the inquiries. Truth is, I haven't been taking those health-benefiting walks since these attacks began. I miss them, but it really is too dangerous since, as has been pointed out, it is the elderly who are targets and I am certainly past my prime and a choice victim . . . Just realized that next Monday is a state holiday, so it is probable that we will take the day off ourselves. Will let you know in a day or two . . . Angela Lawson treated me to a cup of coffee this afternoon as we took a walk and explored part of center city. Our stop was at Agia Sophia, a coffee and dessert venue in the old Colonial Theater building at 225 Market Street. This is a non-profit concern operated by five area churches and should there be a profit, it will be shared by local charities. The brew was excellent and the setting is extraordinary; history buffs should poke their heads inside to admire the decor. especially if one remembers when this was a movie house. We wish this enterprise the best but we do wonder just how many such coffee shops the city can support. They seem to spring up (and go) every couple of months . . .

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