Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy to learn today that the graffiti vandal has been caught. He lived in the 700 block of North Second Street and defaced many buildings in the CAN historic district . . . The turmoil of mayhem and murder on Restaurant Row has dominated conversation these last few days. I again suggest that the establishments in the area install streaming cameras so that we can see exactly what is happening on Second Street. The cameras probably won't prevent future incidents, but they might act as a deterrent in one or two cases, and that would be a blessing . . . Sometimes in the morning just before opening the store I will finish up my work on the Internet and slip over to POGO to play a quick word game or something such. I know that the American worker supposedly is more productive than in any other country, so who are these 140,000 other people who are on-line and playing games in the middle of the morning? . . .

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