Monday, February 13, 2012

The graffiti vandal I have been complaining about finally got a major story in the newspaper today. The consensus seems to be that the villain is one or more persons acting alone and not gang related. Later in the afternoon the police department promised that it would have undercover agents on the streets in the late evening and early morning hours in an effort to find these guys. The damages seem confined for the moment in the historic CAN neighborhood . . . Saw the sinus doctor this morning (Bob calls him my head doctor) and Dr. Weigand says the pills he has prescribed should clear up the problem, but not for a week or two. Meanwhile, pains every so often. Interesting result of the hospital's scan of my skull--shows I had a broken nose when I was very young. The speculation is that someone might have dropped me or, as a toddler, I might have run into the coffee table or something similar. That had nothing to do with the current situation, however . . . Ernie Kepner called to say there was a major accident at the corner of Green and Boas around noon today but he had no other particulars . . . Bob and I caught some of the British BAFTA awards (movie "Oscars") on the BBC America channel last night. The Artist was the big winner--picture, actor, screenplay, costumes--but the laugh of the night went to Meryl Streep who, while ascending the stairs to receive Best Actress for Iron Lady, lost a shoe. This being England, there were a lot of gallant knights riding to the rescue . . .

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