Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We may have been forsaken by snowflakes this season but the snowdrops are ablaze throughout the region. I cannot remember when I have noticed so many. One home in Camp Hill has an entryway bit of lawn that is virtually carpeted in them. Very very pretty . . . Finally threw in the towel and called the doctor about my headaches that are not responding quickly enough to the medicine we are trying. I cannot ever remember such pain. Nurse Pam called back with an additional pill that hopefully will quell some of the hurt. Well--I read that flyer that pharmacists give you these days and one of the side effects is--yeah--headaches! Stay tuned . . . Retired kindergarten teacher Angela Lawson told me to cease marveling at JJ and Cecilia's accomplishments in school these days. Reading is a natural for youngsters at that age now. Things are a bit different from when I first entered the classroom --in 1941 . . . I am sure you have encountered some of those TV commercials touting an on-line printing service for your business. Those of us in retail have also been bombarded with junk mail flyers so I decided to check it out. Well, the site is inviting until one gets down to the fine print--the price. Take my advice and talk to Wendy and George at State Street Copy. You will find them very competent and their price more than competitive . . . The Governor wants us all to do the honorable thing and pay sales tax for items purchased on the Internet. We are expected to make an estimate on this year's tax form, I am told. Well, I wonder. My big purchase from Amazon this year was The Kid's gumball machine filled with the candies. Now, my question: Can't I consider that a food item and therefore it should be tax exempt? Just thinking out loud . . . and I just learned that Corbett has fired Gus the Groundhog from his duties promoting the state lottery. Gus should have joined the union as soon as he came on board . . .

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