Thursday, February 2, 2012

Visited our new barbershop in the neighborhood and allowed Bryant to do the cut he wanted. I have hair shorter than I have had in years and I think I like it. Haircuts cost $15 but there is a long list of discounts for various groups. As a senior citizen my cost was $8 . . . Weather turned cooler but it was still mild enough to play ball outside with The Kid. He is getting much better at catching and throwing . . . Don't know why this sudden explosion of interest in Bill Campbell pottery, but I love it and I am sure Bill does too. Calling in another large order tomorrow. There are several different pieces now in stock and others to come . . . Just a reminder to husbands and boyfriends: we have a nice selection of silk scarves, musical jewelry boxes and earrings and Valentine's Day is not that far away . . .

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