Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow for most of the day without any appreciable accumulation. Lucky for us, the weather waited until we went to the hospital and completed the scan of my head. No diagnosis yet . . . Bob suprised me with two White Castle hamburgers for lunch. They are available in the freezer section of the grocery store these days, and, just like the old original, three bites and it is gone. And, just like the original, about two hours later the taste comes back with a vengeance. I believe the last real White Castle fast food place I was in was the one opposite the train station in downtown Pittsburgh. That must have been in the late sixties . . . Harrisburg did not have any WC outlets to my knowledge, but we did have the Toddle Houses which had a similar menu . . . The cookie cutters which I mentioned a few days ago have arrived . . . I got a picture of JJ with his bottle of beer and an attractive lady which he supposedly had picked up for the night. I think this photo might have been a put-up job courtesy of his dad so I have opted not to duplicate it here . . . Otherwise: Way to go, JJ . . .

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