Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This blog is beginning to read like the New England Journal of Medicine. I spent the morning with Mr. Jones at the Cummings Clinic to address my various ailments which you have been reading about here. Got an antibiotic for the cough and a syrup to soothe the throat. The eye irritation requires drops several times a day while awake and it was decided that an ear irrigation might help. One side of the head cooperated but the other did not; apparently a jackhammer would not release the wax, so we got a nightly ear drop that supposedly will loosen the blob within the week. During the latter procedure my eardrum was buffeted so often that I became quite unstable so we had to give that up for a few days. I now have a schedule of pills, drops, and syrups that even Einstein would have trouble juggling. Got back to the store to entertain Joyce Reiner but once Bob arrived he allowed me a long afternoon nap . . . the day was ugly with a chill rain raging almost constantly. Made me think how much JJ must have enjoyed playing checkers in Florida . . .

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