Monday, November 28, 2011

Another gorgeous day; this cannot last, unfortunately . . . loved Deb Hershey's post that I saw on Facebook this morning: "Every other car within a mile has either a dead deer or a pine tree strapped to its hood." 'Tis the season , I fear . . . Tickets for the Historic Harrisburg Candlelight House Tour have arrived; $15. The tour is quite different from ones that have preceded it so I will be interested to see your reaction. There are only a few houses but for the most part they are clustered in the vicinity of Green and Peffer Streets. You will be able to walk to most venues once you park the car. (John Harris Mansion is an exception.) . . . It appears that someone is opening a new eatery at North Second and Harris where so many other restaurants have gone before. Cannot get any reliable info just yet . . . Off to the doctor tomorrow morning; maybe another chapter in this on-going saga. Boring . . . Do not be alarmed if you pass by and notice that the sign is no longer in place. Our neighbor is refurbishing it for us; we are still at the same old spot 39 years later . . . We owe a "thank you" to TheBurg. The crew promoted last Saturday's Shop Small Business national campaign on their web page and used the "funky" Bare Wall as a local venue that deserves support. The item was illustrated with a picture of Bob and me that appeared in the paper a couple of years ago. (So don't come looking for those items pictured since they may not be available any longer.) . . .

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