Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Happy Birthday wishes go out today to Jimmy Littlefield . . . Went to see JJ's soon-to-be new home. "My bedroom is pink, but dad will paint it blue immediately," JJ told me . . . Angela Lawson back home after a cruise to southern climes. "It wasn't as warm as I wanted it to be," she reported. But a week of nothing but reading and eating was a definite plus . . . Amy and Doug Hill provided Bob and me with a big serving of delicious beef noodle soup for supper. Perfect for the weather. The Hills visited relatives in Edinboro over the recent holiday and took a side trip to Bill Campbell's pottery studio in Cambridge Springs. Plenty of the same items that The Bare Wall sells, Amy told me, but also a special gallery of Bill's spectacular one-of-a-kind collectibles. They loved the work but didn't have $2500 for one of these highly desirable pieces . . . (click picture to enlarge) . . .

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