Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happily busy today. Thanks to all who came out . . . The kids (and mom) baked a cake this morning and brought it to share with us. JJ showed his expertise with computer games while Cecilia stayed with the tried and true "shapes" wooden puzzles. Both are remarkable. Guess you all are tired of hearing that . . . Lennie Whitcomb marked his 50th birthday Jan. 3, but that is too close to the holiday gatherings for a real bash. So last night wife Mary rented the Mantis showplace on Third Street, had Breads 'n' Spreads cater the food and more than 40 assembled for the celebration. Lennie was all smiles today . . . Our buddy Mark Stevens is visiting family in Texas after a whirlwind visit to Hollywood to tape a future TV show at Paramount Studios. He is "sold on the scene" and ready to move there. Chevy Chase was taping in the adjoining studio and a Nickelodeon program (he didn't remember the name) was in production just down the hall. He managed to work in a number of tourist attractions and was especially taken with Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame and the Kodak Theatre auditorium. And what is a trip to LA without a photo of the sign? . . .

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