Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sad news day . . . Matt Meehan's mother passed away Tuesday . . . One of Bob's club brothers, Jeff Roberts of Lewes, Del., passed away this morning, the result of a fall from a 20-foot ladder a few days ago. Jeff had been a long-time and well-known Harrisburg resident and house painter before moving to the coast . . . not sleeping well at night, so visiting nurse suggests I try to keep wide awake during the day. My efforts to that end were less than successful today, though I did spend an hour in the sun on the neighbor's (Betty Immers) stoop . . . All kinds of goodies have been showing up at the door and I hope to acknowledge them all at some point. Immediate thanks to Kathy MacNett, Yvonne Brown and Michelle Freed; I am sure there are others . . . Just might try a short visit to the store tomorrow, depending on how well my night and morning go . . .

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