Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain was so heavy and constant today that the weather was downright scary at times. Thunder and lightning even as I write . . . Circumstances have kept me from following the daily news recently. Sad to say, not much has happened in the two-plus months I've been out of touch. Things are still a mess and still similar to a kindergarten disagreement. I have many reasonable GOP friends but I must confess that I am embarrassed for them these days; the idiots seem to have taken over the asylum, leaving traditional Republicans tainted by this idiocy. We recall that Hitler arose from the radical right of his party and have every reason to fear these clowns who have captured the media. Please, please, Conservatives, take back your party and let's return to a profitable dialogue . . .

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  1. Ronn, glad to hear you're back at'em. Check out this link for Sudoku. They have over a billion puzzles. One level is titled "evil". I've probably done 1500 of their puzzles. Blessings as you heal up. Hugs. Jon