Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exhausted all my energy today by returning to the store for a couple of hours; had to file the quarterly state sales tax report. The computer had not been on for several weeks so all the programs wanted to update themselves. That was a long time consuming project and stressful as well . . . Bob indulged me by driving to Arby's for one of their original unadorned sandwiches. I hadn't had an Arby's for a couple of years . . . Angela Lawson had a big family weekend--her mother's 92nd birthday. I benefited from left over cake and donuts . . . The MacLeod's were busy this afternoon hosting friends and family who wanted to meet the new baby; I caught Bryan outside and admired the new brick sidewalk--quite an upgrade to the property and neighborhood. I had planned to share a photo I took, but I cannot figure out how to get it into the computer; perhaps I can't. Hopefully Rick May will read this entry and give me a call . . . Hope none of you suffered too much "water in the basement" yesterday. Have had several reports of friends who were not so lucky . . .

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