Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress very disappointing. Did not sleep at all last night. Had two "costume malfunctions" in the last two days; thank the lord for patient visiting nurses. Have been able to ingest some protein via yogurt and Insure, but everything else generally tastes bad. Somehow must get something a bit more solid inside. Bob too has shown remarkable patience with me. I am usually a puzzle wiz but a 15-minute Sudoku takes nearly an hour, and a "Monday" crossword is just as difficult as Friday's. Headed out for my first doctor's appointment since hospital discharge tomorrow morning . . . Jack Brandt and Mike Reber are back from what might be called the trip of a lifetime--Plane to Buenos Aires, cruise to Barcelona, Spain, and home. In Jack's case, however, we have to moderate the claim since he has already been around the world . . . He is facing some serious surgery of his own in a few days . . . Loved all the e-mails you sent Bob about his deib-a-tribes. He promises to return with more soon . . .

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