Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm doing the blog early today so that I don't need to concern myself with it later. I'm still not comfortable wirh the computer. I guess I'm a nineteenth century man who is stuck in the twentienth! First, Ronn sends a special thanks to everyone on the sixth floor surgical unit for all they are doing to make his stay less trying. He'd like to mention that there's cookies and candy awaiting any of you who stop by his room 606. Ronn had a good night; he said he got some real rest(now that's unusual for a hospital). His stomach is rumbling away, but so far that's all. I think he's feeling somewhat better because I was a party to his ire with someone who he didn't want poking around him. You'll need to ask him for details. I know that I must have a weather hangup--so what else do old men have to get excited about? I'll only say finally some sunshine and warmer temperatures. Hooray!

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