Friday, April 15, 2011

A quiet day at home and office . . . JJ now in his new house with his own room to decorate a la Hogwart's. And I can remember not too long ago that all his attention was on Thomas the Tank Engine and Kipper the Dog. (The Lego craze was short-lived so sister Cecilia has adopted those for herself.) I was taken to task at his latest birthday party for not providing the last film installment of the Harry Potter series--no matter that it hasn't been in theaters yet, let alone DVD . . . Parents promise that this is definitely the last move, that they have at last found the family homestead. We shall see . . . Appetite perking up but there are still occasional cravings for ridiculous fast-food items that the palate thinks it wants. Also back into reading a bit and the puzzles are moving along better. The best Sudoku site on the net for me is at If you have found something better, please let me know . . .

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