Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Worried Bob a bit by spending a lot of the day in bed and asleep. I just felt exhausted, and the bitterly-cold and howling winds outside the door didn't make the day any more enticing . . . Parenthood is fast approaching for Jaime and Bryan MacLeod. They spent much of Monday assembling the nursery furniture . . . A lot of activities promoting equal civil rights are occurring across the Commonwealth this week. The major rally will take place in the Capitol Rotunda on Monday at 12:30 p.m. when important civil union/marriage legislation will be unveiled. I apologize to Bolton Winpenny who spearheads many of these efforts for not doing a better job of advertising his events . . . Apparently our own Mayor Thompson is no fan of rights equality if recent and numerous reports are to be believed. Are all gay persons on Linda's list, do you think, or is it led primarily by political adversaries who appear to have more competence than she has? . . . If you are South Korean or from the Netherlands and are reading this post, please send us an e-mail and tell us how you found us. We have readers from all over the world who probably stumbled upon us once, but there does seem to be a constant audience in those two countries . . .

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