Thursday, February 24, 2011

Overcast but warming up so snow cover is quickly disappearing . . . The Patriot-News unveiled the results of its recent poll on the workings at City Hall and Thompson was given a triple failing grade. I was one of the 400 interviewed and the outcome mirrored my own thinking on the matter for the most part. People generally want her to take her incompetence elsewhere, but that isn't going to happen in my judgement. She may not really want the job, but she does want the title . . . Susan and John Wesley dropped by for some cards this afternoon and brought me four puzzles for my recycled collection. She put all of them together and attests to the fact that all the pieces are there. I am studying the pictures and sincerely believe that I launched the one of a Vermont town into the circulating collection a few years ago . . . Got The Spirit of Sailing boxed note papers today, very suitable for men's correspondence. Sixteen cards for $14 . . . Baby Bear spends the night at his grandparent's house and discovers that Grandpa is keeping a dragon in the basement. A neat children's story in soft cover that would be a nice addition to an Easter basket. Milk and Cookies, $8.00 . . .

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