Monday, February 7, 2011

The So-so Super Bowl. Okay, so my team lost and perhaps this is just sour grapes, but, frankly, I thought the whole proceeding was a total bore. And if there were a lot of clever, over-priced advertisements I’m afraid I missed those too . . . And what was that so-called “entertainment” at halftime? Football and brass bands are the logical combination—always have been--and it surely is time for promoters to learn that. Think maybe Bob has the right idea—a little nap between the opening kick-off and the final whistle . . . Well, it has been a week of “adventure” for your reporter. Tuesday’s surgery went well as far as I know, but I was held over for a night’s observation. Came home Wednesday, but by Friday it began to appear that something was not going so good. Horrendous pain that refused to get better . . . Nurse Bob finally put his foot down Sunday morning and off we went to the Emergency Room. Frankly I was so far gone by then that he could have suggested anything and I would have complied. The tube went into the bladder again and the drainage began anew; within ten minutes the pressure was relieved and I felt like a new person. I was able to sleep for the first time in five days, and was so delighted with that ability that losing the game meant nothing at all . . . I do want to mention that everyone I encountered at Harrisburg Hospital was a gem no matter what specialty they were assigned. There was always someone to answer the summoning button promptly any time I pushed it. I could never serve others as well as they served me . . . Did want to mention how sorry I was to hear of the passing of Greg Johnson a week or so ago. I knew him only as a customer, but he was charming and entertaining at all times. His close ones are sure to miss him . . . A belated Happy Birthday to Christopher Gadlage of Corbin, Ky. He has one of those “streaming cam” sites of which I am so fond and last November the site went down for a while. When I encountered him again on FaceBook I asked that he bring it back. “Your weather today is my weather tomorrow,” I told him. If you want to see the street on which Chris lives, you can go here during daylight hours: . . .

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