Saturday, February 19, 2011

Very high winds all but blew away business today. Only a few managed to make the trip . . . Rick May pulled off a wonderful surprise birthday party for wife Mary Ann Furedi last night. She was truly surprised to find the house filled with friends and food . . . Family pets Luna and Cooper made me feel very welcome; the three of us were curled up on the couch awaiting the festivities and occasionally munching a biscuit . . . Mary Ann's actual birth date is Monday when she will be 39 (again?) . . . The Terry Madonna research group cornered me for a five-minute telephone interview last night. All of the questions dealt with Harrisburg city hall, its leadership (or lack thereof) and the future of the city in general. The young man conducting the research tried to be enthusiastic about the job, but I could tell that he had already heard all of my answers before . . .

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