Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We had a few visitors today despite the cold. Our thanks to those who came out . . . Most of the conversation these days is about our mayor and her tactful approach to things. As one wag told us, she does indeed have a diverse administration--she has an offensive word for just about every group out there . . . When next Monday's anti-Linda rally at noon on Market Square was first proposed a few weeks ago my initial reaction was Lotsa luck, folks. Just a few hotheads blowing off steam, I thought. But in the last few days the people in Egypt seem to have taught those in America that a protest can make a real difference. It would now appear that this rally is a really big deal. I hope the police department is wise enough to be prepared for traffic tie-ups. And, were I her spokesman these days, I would recommend that the Mayor find a pressing excuse to exercise her duties somewhere out of town on Monday so as to appear above it all . . .

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