Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bright sun and warmer temperatures helped to eliminate a lot of the recent snow so I was distressed when no customers showed up today . . . Bob got the car to the garage and we now have a passenger-side mirror that was the victim of a hit-and-run several weeks ago. It is a reconditioned one, I am afraid; when you have a Saturn spare parts aren't all that easy to come by . . . Suffered a little more pain than usual today; I was told that I should recover from my surgery in a week or two, but it is now Day 23 and I am still having difficulties . . . Big shipment of risque cards left California this afternoon so we should be filling up the shelves in just a few days . . . Lots of fun cards have arrived from a supplier in Maine, so you will need some time to browse a bit on your next visit. Remember that you save 10% when you buy five cards, any variety, at one time . . . The inside of this classy card? . . . except for you, of course. Happy Birthday . . .

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