Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Since store traffic has been slow, Bob and I have had our noses in books. Within the last two weeks we collectively have ripped through about a dozen easily-read mysteries. It has been fun, but lest we be mistaken for bibliophiles, I should add that neighbor Bob Coldren is now more than 500 pages into War and Peace . . . Since I am supposed to be selling you something, I should remind you that Valentine's Day is approaching quickly. We have cards, of course, and always promote Fred's glass earrings ($29) and Lucille's scarves ($36) at this time. Any girl would be happy with either or both . . . Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year with a state holiday to follow, so we plan to be closed Monday, Feb. 15 . . . Jeff Lynch is promoting a noon-to-midnight musicale Saturday at the Maennerchor to benefit a hospital in Haiti. A donation of $20 is recommended, but half that is acceptable if you are strapped . . .

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  1. thank you. you know, even if it snows it's gonna be a crazy fun day of music and joy ... we'll try to raise as much as we can, regardless.

    nice blog and a fab little shop that i don't go into anywhere near often enough. that's gonna change.