Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It has been an incredible 24 hours of tension for many of us. The more we listened to the news--and we were glued to it--the more the panic grew. Inches and inches of snow, high winds, collapsing buildings, Interstates closed, accidents. I think it might be even harder on those of us alone during this crisis. There was no one to take our minds off the impending doom . . . I was blessed by caring neighbors and friends. Some phone calls, lots of e-mails. My sidewalk and stoop were cleared several times--I thank each of you and wish I knew who you were so I could name you here. Dinner was delivered to my door courtesy of Joanne and Eric. I am still concerned about the possible damage to the house and--dare I suggest it--what might be to come. Flooding could be a future problem . . . Our friends in Fulton County who had the tree fall on the house in the last storm lost their carport to 40 inches of snow. It collapsed on their truck, breaking the windshield and tearing out some electrical circuits to the house. Almost as bad or worse--the generator they have for when the power fails totally was also trapped in the debris . . . Bob spent the day pacing (as did we all) at his house and helping the neighbors clear their sidewalks. We are all exhausted, some with exertion and all with tension . . . I have tried to recall snowfall memories of childhood but nothing leaps to mind. Of course, all we kids looked forward to a "snow day" (much rarer then than now) but the sledding, snowball fights, and creation of snowmen seem so distant . . . Yeah, I was a chubby little fellow back in 1940(?) . . . I suspect we will all suffer another restless night what with the wind howling the way it is. Tomorrow was supposed to be garbage collecting in our neighborhood. Angela Lawson and I decided not to participate, though we agreed that if we were to put it out it would probably be a mile away before any trucks could get here . . . Be safe all, and thanks for reading . . . (click pictures to enlarge)

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