Friday, February 19, 2010

Pleased to report that the garbage and recyclables were collected today; a couple of weeks late, but better than never . . . We spent the day processing two new shipments of greeting cards; very nice selection for Easter. Remember that we knock off ten percent when you buy five or more cards, any variety, at one time . . . Say "Happy Birthday" to Mary Ann Furedi May on Sunday . . . Appears that YouTube removed all of its "Kipper" cartoon episodes; that is not going to sit well with Godson JJ who had just learned how to manipulate the site. Sent out an urgent SOS on Facebook and luckily friend Jon Howard came to the rescue; he directed me to another site that offers some "Kipper clips" that should satisfy "the Prince." I think it is the "clicking" and not the "content" that is important to him . . .

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