Monday, February 22, 2010

The agony of the old man in the tree at 711 Green during the height of the blizzard mirrors my own anguish as the snows melt and I discover that the bushes in front of The Bare Wall have been severely crushed, so much so that they may have to be removed. Of course this flattening happens after even moderate snows and the shrubbery bounces back but it looks a bit reluctant this time around. Our thanks to Bob Coldren for the photo (click to enlarge) . . . Some of the Spring merchandise arrived today. Cute bunnies, tin chicks, and woolly sheep; hope this is a harbinger of better weather . . . For Bob Deibler it was Bette Davis eating at the Harris Ferry Tavern in the old Penn-Harris Hotel; for Larry Kirkhuff, it was a nice chat on the train between New York and Philly with Pearl Bailey. I am talking about those totally unexpected encounters with notable people that just happen to occur when you turn a corner . . . I have had a few of these celebrity sightings in my life that were not job related . . . shared an elevator ride at Wanamaker's in Philadelphia with Oscar winner Jose Ferrer who was in town to promote a new Broadway-bound show . . . stumbled into and wasted a lot of time in New York City watching Mia Farrow film a scene for Rosemary's Baby; was doubly-pissed when that scene didn't make the final cut . . . almost got struck down by a sporty Mustang on Broad Street in Philly; the driver was Sammy Davis, Jr . . . went looking for an evacuee at William Penn High School during the Agnes flood and got shoved aside for Richard Nixon . . . but the big shock of my life occurred at Expo 67 in Montreal when, on a visit to the Ethiopian pavilion for the best coffee I ever tasted, I was truly manhandled to make way for Halie Selassie, the Emperor . . . my impression? "Boy, is he tiny!" . . .

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