Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brief but pleasant chat with Audrey Trussell today. Several people in for Valentine cards. The weather is going to take some of the "sweetness" from the season I fear . . . The new snow storm has begun. Several of us in the neighborhood have frozen downspouts and leaky roofs. I dread the thought, but ice damage to my building is almost a certainty. At least the insurance is paid up . . . Guess my jaw dropped open when I heard that a bankrupt city paid over $35,000 to renovate the mayor's office. That is more than The Bare Wall took in all of last year . . . The Haitian hospital benefit concert at the Maennerchor has been rescheduled for February 27th . . . there was nothing on PennLive about the equal rights march yesterday and I didn't see anyone to ask about it. If someone has a report, please e-mail me at the address to the left . . . P.S. Bob's soup is pretty good, especially on a evening such as this . . .

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