Thursday, January 14, 2010

The sun and warmer weather brought out the bargain hunters today. Think they were very pleased with their "finds." Happy to say that the inventory is now completed and there are even more mark-downs to tempt you . . . Went to the bank for a little borrowing (I was one of those given 'greetings' by the bank that holds my credit card--major interest rate hike) and was sad to see that Robert's Flowers on Second Street is now an empty storefront . . . those responsible for PrideFest want everyone to know that they have a new website: . . . The Bare Wall will not be participating in "Third Friday" festivities while the evenings are still dark. We may reconsider once Daylight Savings Time rolls around . . . Don't understand the mayor's reluctance to tell us the salaries of her newly-appointed staff; this does not bode well for her future administrative endeavors or the city's well-being. But never fear, we are told, "all will be revealed" on January 26 . . . let us hope that Dan Miller is looking out for our interests . . .

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